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Safe and secure but exciting monster truck rides. In a real Monster Ride Truck!Can you feel it? You always wanted to ride a monster truck! Now, you have climbed the ladder into the ride area of "Thumper", our real monster ride truck. You are high in the air, looking down at the people, the ground, and the obstacles below. You are safely belted into the comfortable wrap-around racing seats.

Cameras click and movie cameras purr as friends, family, and people you don't even know take pictures, movies,  and wave.

As you look up through the safety roll bar cage surrounding you, you hear the 500 horse power modified Ford engine as it roars to life. You feel the power, hear the thunder, and you know... you are in for a ride!

Excitement builds, as you realize this IS a REAL monster truck!




Thumpter the Monster Ride Truck.. Now you can ride in a monster truck.

You are about to see, hear and feel the sensations and trills monster truck drivers feel as they maneuver a very big and powerful monster truck skillfully around the arena, around or through whatever obstacles they may encounter.


Feel The Excitement!

Feel The Power!

Feel Safe!




Thumper Monster Truck Rides offers a wide variety of event services including church events, large birthday parties, company outings, weddings, fairs, carnivals and company or business promotions. We come to your location for grand openings, open houses, car shows, races, company picnics, civic celebrations, air shows, county fairs, and more! Imagine the possibilities when you use  the crowd pleasing Thumper Monster Truck for your next fund raiser! Click HERE to Register Thumper for your Event... Make it something to remember!




Many of us can only dream of being able to ride in a Monster Truck.

You can make that dream come true. Check our schedule for the dates when
"Thumper" Will Be In Your Area


You can schedule "Thumper" for your
next event!

We're booking now for 2009 - 10.



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